“Just tell me what I should eat.”…”How many calories should I be eating?”…”Can’t you just give me a meal plan to follow?”   These are all too common requests from prospective clients when they first reach out to us.  Unfortunately, this view of nutrition is a little shortsighted and may ultimately prevent progress from being made towards their goals.   More times than not, meal plans are not the answer.   They do have their place in the short term, but tend to be too rigid and unsustainable for long term success.   This is not to say calories, macros, or the foods we eat aren’t important.  It’s just that they aren’t the only area of focus when it comes to nutrition.   Here is what we also focus on with our clients:

  • Variety – We don’t restrict the foods you are able to eat to a single sheet of paper.
  • Enjoyment – We encourage eating foods that you genuinely enjoy.
  • Flexibility – We provide you with skills to handle all situations and occasions.
  • How are you eating? – We focus on mindfulness and paying attention to internal cues when you’re eating.
  • Improvement – We take it 1 step at a time and slowly progressing.
  • Simple – We focus on one area of improvement at a time, instead of trying to completely overhaul your diet to fit a meal plan.
  • Consistency – We help you avoid inevitable downturns in motivation

If you’re looking for true, sustainable change towards a healthier lifestyle, then meals plans certainly aren’t the simple answer you may think they are.  Life throws us too many curveballs to be able to stick to a meal plan on a consistent basis.  It may make more sense to think broader in terms of personal development and your relationship with food.   Acquiring these skills may be the true answer.