Self Evaluation


“Should I go Keto?”. “What are your thoughts on a Vegan diet?”.  “How many calories should I eat a day?”.  “Is this protein bar healthy for me?”   These are often the first questions we are asked by potential clients.  However, this way of thinking is putting the proverbial cart before the horse.  Before we start taking action on a strategy towards health goals, it’s important to do an in-depth self evaluation: 

  • What and how much are you eating? 
  • When are you eating?   
  • How hungry are you feeling at each meal?
  • What are your emotions at each meal?  How does it impact how you think/feel and what you do?

This approach comes down to the ancient Greek expression, “Know Thyself”.  It may be that we’re just out of touch.  By looking inward, we are able to get a more realistic view of our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  Do our preconceived assumptions about ourselves match reality?   Are we imposing unrealistic demands and expectations on ourselves?   

These questions can be answered through detailed tracking over the course of a few days to weeks.  The more time that can be devoted to this, the more information that can be gleaned.  Meticulously tracking everything we eat and drink in a food log is important.   Maintaining a coinciding journal/diary is also helpful.  Once we have a more accurate view, only then can we make informed, rational decisions on the best strategy to improve our actions.    

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