The new year brings us a fresh slate to hit the reset button on our lives.  Our motivation is high, our confidence is high.  This is why over 50% of us create a New Year’s Resolution.  These resolutions are overwhelmingly related to our health…”lose weight”, “exercise more”, “eat healthier”.   Unfortunately, only about 1 in 10 people actual stick to their New Year’s Resolution beyond a few months.   Why is this the case?

  • Based around restrictive eating –  Do any of these strategies sound familiar?  No carbs, no meat, no dairy, or only eating at certain times of day
  • Unrealistic exercise goals – Going from zero exercise to 1 hour at gym 5-7 days per week
  • Not accounting for “life” – Work stress, family responsibilities, social engagements, unexpected occurrences
  • Motivation will fade – As time wears on, so will your motivation.  How will you stay the course even on your worst day?
  • Lack of accountability – Any changes we try to make require accountability.  Sometimes, we need help along the way.  Utilizing a coach is always an option.

Our general advice for actually succeeding with your New Year’s Resolution?   Start Small.   Too often, we have these grand ideas of how the upcoming year will go, leading us to create far too ambitious goals.  It’s great to have these goals, but HOW will you accomplish them?   Take a divide and conquer approach.  What daily action can you do even on a day when you have no motivation that will still contribute toward your goal?  Define a specific action you’ll perform daily toward your goal, be consistent with it, improve, and then progress.

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