April 3, 2023

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Healthy Eating on the Go: MORE Strategies for Dining Out

Dining Out

We recently posted about how dining out and ordering in may be provide convenient options to enjoy a meal with friends and family, but may come at a health cost, if you’re not careful.   We laid out 7 tips to make the most of these meals for your health and fitness goals.   In today’s post, we’re giving you even MORE tip!!

  1. Don’t skip meals earlier in the day. Some people try to “save room” for when they go out, but that just leaves you hungrier and more likely to eat more than you normally would.
  1. Order all dressings and marinades on the side and only use half; they are often where most hidden calories get inflated.
  1. Ask for 1/2 or even less of the oil; you won’t notice a difference in taste, and it can save you hundreds of calories
  1. Eat protein and produce first in the meal
  1. Take your time enjoying your meal. Your body takes approximately 20 minutes to process the food you eat. Oftentimes, you keep eating not because you’re hungry but simply because you eat too fat.

Follow these strategies, and you don’t have to lose your mind or feel guilty after every time you dine out or order in.  Instead, they will allow you to enjoy the experience, while balancing it with your health/fitness goals.


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