February 14, 2022

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Be like George Costanza and do the opposite.  In the legendary TV show “Seinfeld”, George believes all his failures in life are based on his poor decision making and mindset.  This causes him to do the opposite of whatever actions he would normally do.   What if you did the same thing when it comes to nutrition?   Instead of thinking about how to eat healthier, what if you made a list of what unhealthy eating looks like?   It might look something like this:

  • Drinking calories – soda, sports drinks, alcohol, juice
  • Dining out more often than you eat at home (and scarfing down all the bread before your meal)
  • Not planning or prepping your meals
  • Having readily accessible “junk” food in your pantry
  • Rarely exercising
  • Loading up salads with dressing and croutons

Most of us can agree that these nutrition practices are unhealthy.  With this is mind, we can be like George Costanza and start doing the opposite (just not all at once).   Drinking too many calories??   Switch to a lower calorie alternative and start progressing to drinking more water.  Chips and cookies in plain sight every time you open the pantry??   Move them so they’re less visible and start progressing to not even having them in the house to begin with.   This way of thinking may seem weird, but it may be helpful in changing our mindset.   Make your own list of what you’re currently doing that’s unhealthy and do the opposite!

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