August 21, 2022

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Don’t Overthink It!


We love to be “right” about our thinking and beliefs.  Do these examples sounds familiar?

“A Keto diet worked for me, so it must work for everyone.” 

“My friend is a Vegan and says it’s the best diet for weight loss.”

“I heard the Mediterranean Diet is best for longevity.”

Instead of simply being content with what worked for us, we take things a step further.   Not only do we feel the need to show that our methods are superior, but we also need to prove that all other dietary approaches are inferior.  For those people who haven’t decided on an approach to take, this can be very confusing and frustrating.   If you’re one of those people, Don’t Overthink It! 

  • Not every food choice needs to be based on science, ideology, or moral grounds.  There are many other practical considerations, such as your food preferences (what you actually enjoy eating), convenience, social setting, culture, and simply enjoyment.
  • Science can be deceiving.   Unless you’re educated in how to dissect a research study, it can be difficult to properly analyze the findings on a certain topic.  There is much nuance that can lead to misinterpretation.
  • We all have our biases.  If we “do our research” on a topic, we’ll inevitably find support for our claims.  Be open minded to changing your mind.  
  • There’s no such thing as a Good vs. Bad Food

At 3S Nutrition, when it comes to our approach to weight loss, we try to utilize the existing science as a guide, but understand its limitations.  We try to avoid ideology at all costs.   Instead, we focus our clients on improvement and progression.  Simply stated, where are they at currently in a particular area, and how can we help them get better in that area?   By taking appropriate action in all these areas and progressing over time, the results will follow.    In this way, there’s no need to nitpick the minutia of weight loss and what is approach is right/wrong…so don’t overthink it!


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