May 23, 2022

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Congrats on hitting your goal weight!  Unfortunately, this was the easy part of your journey.  Most people are able to lose weight and get to where you’re at now.  Not to be a downer, but the odds are no longer in your favor.   Statistically, 50-70% of people will regain their weight within a year, 85% within 2 years, and 95% within 3 years.  How can you prevent that from happening?  Consistency, Flexibility, and Self Trust.  Depending on your approach thus far, focusing on these areas may require a shift in mindset.  Perfection is not sustainable.   If this was your approach up until now, you need to learn to be flexible and trust yourself to be consistent every day.

  • Shift your thinking from “perfect” to “well enough”
    • Create flexible boundaries
    • Trial and error – Figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t, in certain situations
    • Identify your those thresholds
  • Reframe your habits
    • Every situation doesn’t need to be a “yes” or “no” scenario
    • Think in terms of a sliding scale, instead
    • This can also prevent boredom

Your diet and weight strategy should fit your life, not the other way around.  It’s important to give yourself the freedom and trust in yourself, so you can live a well rounded life, while still making progress toward your goals.  Keep in mind WHY you decided to go on this journey in the first place.  Use that as a source of guidance and motivation to prevent you from becoming another statistic in the 95%.

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