With an emphasis on eating whole, unprocessed foods, Whole30 is a structured program. Similar it Clean Eating as far as the foods that can be eaten, it sets forth specific rules to follow over the course of the 30 days in order to eliminate foods that may be problematic for your health. Once those foods have been identified, you can continue following this philosophy without them in your diet.

CAN YOU EAT IT? Meat Fish Eggs Dairy Grains Legumes Fruit Starchy Vegetables Fibrous Vegetables Nuts & Seeds Oils Added Sugar Meal Timing Food/Calorie Tracking
YES or NO? YES, unprocessed only YES YES NO, except for ghee NO NO YES, in moderation NO YES YES, except for peanuts NO, except for olive oil and coconut oil NO NO NO


How To Get Started On Whole30.

Whole30 is an approach that can and has worked for many people. However, do YOU think you can consistently follow Whole30, day in and day out? Is this the best possible approach for YOU to follow?


We meet with you and work to understand your goals and motivations, what you eat, when you eat, and all other aspects of your life. Then, we collaborate to implement small, progressive changes into your daily routine. By “keeping it simple”, you’re better able to maintain steady progress for the long-term, regardless of the approach you take.

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Our practices are never radical. If you’re constantly going to extremes with your nutrition and relying on willpower to get by each day, your chances for success decrease dramatically. All our methods are based on the latest scientific research to provide the most evidence-based approach possible.

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95% of diets fail in the long term! Why? Because many weight loss methods don’t consider the importance of sustainability and adherence. If you can’t picture yourself following your current nutrition approach in 10 years, then you may end up one of the 95%. Learn more by clicking below.

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