As we begin the New Year, it’s important to consider your Past, Present, and Future when it comes to your health/fitness goals.   We all have different goals that we’re seeking.  However, there are some common themes and strategies that are important to follow:


  • What did you want to happen?   Acknowledge what did happen and learn from it.
  • What regrets do you still have?   Embrace them as opportunities.


  • “Don’t Believe Everything you Think” – Reframe your limiting beliefs into a more positive perspective
  • What are you grateful for?
  • Discover your “Why”.   What’s the reason behind your goals?  This will be crucial to think back to when motivation wanes throughout the year


  • Set SMARTER Goals
    • Specific – The more narrowly focused, the better
    • Measurable – How can you quantify it?
    • Actionable – How can you take direct action towards it?  The goal should start with an action verb.
    • Realistic – Is it achievable?
    • Timebound – When will you accomplish it by?
    • Exciting – It should elicit a genuine positive emotion.
    • Review/Revise – Be able to assess it, and make any necessary changes.

A mantra to keep in mind as you move through the year is “Focus on the Gain, Not the Gap”.  Don’t get caught up with how much further you still have and let it discourage you.  Instead, celebrate the progress you’ve made thus far!  This will lead to greater confidence as you continue to progress towards your goals.   Can you do this alone?   Maybe…Maybe not.  Either way, having accountability through encouragement, feedback, and guidance will play a huge role in tipping the scales in your favor.   Whether you choose to conquer these goals solo or with some help, our biggest advice is to get positive momentum going and START…Schedule The Action Required Today!    

For more info on these tips/strategies, check out the book, “Your Best Year Ever” by Michael Hyatt.

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