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“I couldn’t be happier with my decision and my results!”


Nutritionist For Your Success

The results you want simply cannot be achieved if you’re not able to stick to your plan of action. A supervised intervention, such as a nutritionist, has proven to be the best way to maintain adherence, with a 65% improvement compared to following a program on your own.

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Keto Diet? Paleo Diet? Vegan Diet? Collaboration to Figure Out What will Work Best for YOU!


We meet with you and work to understand your goals and motivations, what you eat, when you eat, and all other aspects of your life. Then, we collaborate to implement small, progressive changes into your daily routine. By “keeping it simple”, you’re better able to maintain steady progress for the long-term, regardless of the approach you take.

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Our practices are never radical. If you’re constantly going to extremes with your nutrition and relying on willpower to get by each day, your chances for success decrease dramatically. All our methods are based on the latest scientific research to provide the most evidence-based approach possible.

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95% of diets fail in the long term! Why? Because many weight loss methods don’t consider the importance of sustainability and adherence. If you can’t picture yourself following your current nutrition approach in 10 years, then you may end up one of the 95%. Learn more by clicking below.

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“An amazing coach that allows you to walk a healthier path.”

Brandon Blackford


Healthy Habits + Motivation + Accountability = Progress & Success

At 3S Nutrition, it’s a collaborative effort between you and us! Our approach goes well beyond just assigning you a meal plan, giving you some helpful tips, and sending you on your way. We make an honest effort to get to know you, as a person, in all aspects of your life. It all plays a part in the daily decisions you ultimately make regarding diet and nutrition, which in turn affects your health and well-being.

Our free initial consultation begins with a 30 minute phone interview to gain a better understanding of your primary goals and underlying motivations. WHY are these goals important to you and what value will they bring to you once achieved? This provides the ideal starting point on your health journey!


Jean Coleman

“I found Keith’s philosophy easy to implement into everyday life.”

Danielle Cobb

“Keith took the time to speak with my son to teach him to be mindful of his eating habits.”

Brandon Mann

“Keith helped give me gain more energy to perform harder in the gym and on the field.”

Shawn Allen

“Keith provided a healthy and viable alternative for my children.”

Fred Carlson

“Keith’s approach incorporated food choices and activities tailored to me.”

Leon Briggs

“After four months of working with Keith I lose 30lbs with simple choices.”

Lisa Dunn

“Keith has helped prevent hunger and binging like I’ve experienced in the past.”

John Finnigan

“Keith analyzed all the information and delivered a realistic game plan.”

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Keith Stickel, MS, CISSN

Despite being a successful high school athlete, I was underweight and lacked necessary size and strength for my sports. As I look back on it now, my nutrition and training strategies for peak performance were nonexistent and ultimately prevented me from reaching my full potential. I still wonder what could have been achieved had nutrition been more of a priority in my life. This question of “what if” is what led me on my own personal journey to 3S Nutrition.

Following my undergraduate degree from The College of New Jersey, I graduated from Canisius College with a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition, achieving the major’s highest honor. I’ve been active professionally in the nutrition field for the better part of a decade, since I became certified as a Sports Nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2010. Prior to forming 3S Nutrition, I worked as a nutritionist at Prime Nutrition 365 in Robbinsville, NJ.

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